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"What is Forensics?" you may ask. It’s not just CSI on television. Long before CSI was created, competitive speech and debate (Forensics) has been one of the most intellectually-challenging activities that high school students can undertake. Many notable people, including Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Pauley, Kelsey Grammar, and Ted Turner – just to name few – have been members of the National Forensics League.

Forensics trains students for leadership in business, government, law, education and many other professions. Forensics also teaches students to think critically and speak persuasively, preparing them to be engaged and effective global citizens. Students also become much stronger "Defenders of the Faith" when they can see both sides of an argument and speak persuasively and with conviction about those things they believe.

Our forensics team meets every Tuesday at 3:00pm, with debaters meeting more often for research and practice.