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Genesis 1:26 "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..."

After God had designed and created every part of nature around us, He created us in His own image! God is a creative being, therefore, He intended for humans to be creative beings as well. God is the supreme Artist and has given us creative and artistic talents and gifts. Be inspired, knowing you have Creative Greatness in you!


Art Course Description

The CPC Art Program provides the opportunity for students to develop artistic knowledge and skills that enable them to be lifelong learners who can contribute to society visually, verbally, and in writing.  Through the study of art, students will develop creative and critical thinking skills that will help them be effective problem-solvers both in and outside of school. Art students will develop abilities in art production and analysis using art elements, principles, media processes, subject matter and themes. These skills will be used to express their own ideas and to interpret images in our visually-oriented culture. 

The art program provides the art student with an exploration of the elements of visual art by gaining fundamental skills and basic techniques in various media: drawing, painting, collage and/or sculpture. Students will explore, learn and discuss the Principles & Elements of Art, color and composition theory.  Students will create original artworks in different art styles.  Inspired by observation and imagination, they will express themselves through the themes of still life, landscape, and portrait.  They will learn about and use drawing, painting techniques to create artworks.  Students will analyze and critique artworks, discuss aesthetic issues, and understand how art is related to history and culture.  The art classes will involve project construction, lecture, and critique.

The art program assists students in developing knowledge of the artistic heritage of their own and other cultures.  It encourages them to understand and value both personal identity and the diversity found in our global society through the study of art history, art criticism, and consideration of various aesthetic functions of works of art.


To encourage a sense of wonder at the beauty of God’s creation and foster a greater respect for creativity and the world of art.

Students will demonstrate understanding and use of materials, techniques, process, language, and notation of each art form, and of the diverse cultural and historical contexts of the arts, through the three artistic processes:

  • Creating: imagining, planning, making, evaluating, refining, presenting, and exhibiting art works that express their own creative concepts, ideas and feelings.
  • Preforming:  selecting, analyzing, interpreting, evaluating, refining, and presenting diverse art works.
  • Responding:  selecting, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating art works based on critical perception.

Students will demonstrate understanding of the relationships among the arts and between the arts and other disciplines.

Students will learn creativity, originality, effort, and perseverance.

Students will develop craftsmanship, skill, consistency, and correct art terminology.

Students will be exposed to a variety of art mediums and styles.

Drama Course Description

The goal for Cedar Park Christian’s drama classes is to teach students to glorify God through their talents. Drama talent comes in a variety of forms. Some students will have talent in playwriting, others in designing stages, some in running tech and most in acting. We want to provide an opportunity for all of these students to minister through drama. The semester starts with a playwriting unit and progresses into staging a student written and directed play that is performed at the end of the semester.  (this is for both High school and Middle school)

(6th grade)

The sixth grade drama elective concentrates mainly on acting. The class lasts just one quarter, the first week we do a couple of days designing a stage set and building a model. Then students are assigned parts in a play that they rehearse daily and perform on the final day of the quarter. 

Drama FAQ's

Q:    Are there after school events for drama?
A:    If a student tries out for main stage, rehearsals are after school. There are also construction days for sets for Main Stage and several evening performance. An evening performance might be schedule for One Acts as well.

Q:    Will my child have an opportunity to act?
A:    All students that want stage time will get stage time during One Acts. Students audition for Main stage and not everyone is guaranteed a part however many tech/design positions are available for students who want to be involved that way.

Q:    Is there a materials fee for drama?
A:    Yes, in order to pay for sets etc. a drama fee is necessary. For High School the fee is $40, Middle School $20. The 6th grade electives have a shared $20 fee that covers 2 electives.